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Communication, Culture and Technology
Shanta Nathwani

Week One Notes - Intro • Web changed us personally, interpersonally and economically. In other words, how we act, how we interact and how we live. • Internet today runs on binary codes, 1’s and 0’s. • Telegraph is the first form of internet. Week Two Notes – New World th • Telegraph made in the 19 century. Internet actually began in 1950’s. • ARPA – advanced research projects agency, created in 1958. Later named DARPA – with Defense. In 1972. Created to form and execute research about technology and science in response to the Russians launching Sputnik in 1957. • Before the internet, data was stored in large computers, and were programmed using punch cards called Fortran. • In 1982, the internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) was standardized and allowed for ease of connection between other networks. • Packet switching allows large pieces of information to be broken down into smaller pieces and can go different routes to their destination. • Internet is a physical network that carries all the information. The type of information that is carried on it differs, but it can all be carried on the same network. • COMP1->ISP->INTERNET->ISP->COMP2. o
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