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Phillips CH 1aside from the shortterm political controversies there is a more fundamental issue taxing the minds of all governments in the developed worldthat of what has been termed the health service dilemma13 This health service or health care dilemma is part of a wider economic problem that characterises every area of society and affects individuals organisations communities societies economies and the global community The attempts to deal with the problem in relation to health and health care to reduce its magnitude and effects and achieve a closer fit between the supply of services and demand for health care provision provide an underlying theme for this book It is important to emphasise that there is no single correct answer or solution to the problem and that health economics has the ability to deliver utopia or at least move things in such a direction in the UK the number of people aged 80 and over will virtually double over the next 25 years or soincreasing from around 25 million 4 of population in 2005 to nearly 5 million by 2031 76 of population and to 11 of the population by 2071 In contrast the number of people in the workingage population in 2005 stands at 38 million 64 of total but is set to fall to 59 of the total by 2031 38 million and 57 of the total in 2071 37 million38 million and 57 of the total in 2071 37 million4In terms of health expenditure in the UK for example 672 billion was spent on the National Health Service NHS in 2002 equivalent to 1200 per person compared to 3 billion 30 years ago which was equivalent to 58 per person There are now over 12 million employees in the NHS a figure which has doubled over 40 years5 The additional resources have reaped their rewards witnessed for
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