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Chapter 10

ENV100Y5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Water Table, Aquifer, Aeration

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Barbara Murck

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Unsaturated zone(Zone of aeration): some air, some water
Saturated zone: completely filled with water
Water table: top of saturated zone
Aquiclude: zone that prevents water from moving aquifers
Groundwater flow is controlled by gravity
Where water table intersects surface - surface water
Recharge - Water flows into aquifer via precipitation/infiltration
Discharge - Water flows out of aquifer via percolation/streams/springs/ocean
All these things vary seasonally.
Residence time may be thousands of years
“Cone of depression” in a centre-pivot irrigation
If discharge exceeds recharge, water table can be depressed
Environmental impacts of groundwater use
Depletion of aquifers
Declining water tables
Ground subsidence
Urban flooding
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