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Chapter 1

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Monika Havelka

Chapter 1 Intro to Environmental Science Sustainability one planetOur environment is more then just our surroundingsEnvironment more then water air land it is the sum total of our surroundingsIncludes earths biotic living and abiotic nonliving things we interact with componentsIncludes complex webs of scientific ethical political economic and social relationships and institutions that shape our daily livesOur environment has abiotic constituents Continents oceans clouds rivers and ice capsBiotic constituentsAnimals plants forests soils and people occupying the landscapeAlso encompasses built environmentStructures urban centers and living spaces humans have createdEnvironment humans exist within the environment and are apart of the interactions that characterize it humans share with other species a fundamental dependence on a healthy functioning planet environmental sciencefundamental insight is that we are apart of the natural world and our interactions with its other parts matter a greater dealneed to properly defne the term environment arose when Canada passed its first environmental legislation 1970also as public awareness of environmental issues grew Todays definition of environment must include its legal social economic and scientific aspects International relations politics ethics business management economics social equity engineering law enforcement all play a role in managing and protecting the environment Environment Canadas definition to preserve and enhance the quality of Canadas natural environment conserve our renewable resources and protect our water resources As a community we must constantly improveour basic scientific understanding of water air land and soils wildlife weatherclimate and the dynamic interactions among all the components of which ecosystems are composedthats where env sci comes in
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