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Chapter 8


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Monika Kwiatkowski

Chapter 8 Biotechnology and Food ResourcesThe Race to Feed the World Too little and too much food are both problematic from a global perspectiveMalnutrition unbalanced diet shortage of required nutrients or excessUndernourishment too few calories on a chronic basisOver nourishment too many calories on an ongoing basisIn Canada 48 of adults exceed their healthy weight and 14 are obeseCalorie gap between rich and poor Diseases of MalnutritionMarasmus sever deficit of energy protein and carbohydratesKwashiorkor protein and micronutrient deficiencyDiabetes heart disease obesity excess fats carbohydrates calories Who is most at risk of hunger 1 Rural poor in developing countriesOften have electricity and no safe drinking waterHealth education and sanitation services are poorOften directly involved in producing foodMany have no land of their own and work seasonally2 Urban PoorNo means to produce food have few resources to buy it 3 Victims of CatastrophesFloods droughts earthquakes etc force people to abandon land Why cant we feed everyoneFarmers today produce more than enough calories to feed everyoneIs food being produced sustainablyIs there more involved in food security than just increasing agricultural productivity Food securityEnsures that all people have physical and economic access to the quantity and quality of food they need to work and function normally from local nonemergency sourcesWe are producing more and more food per person however per capita food production is starting to decline reflected in pricesGlobal grain stockpile used to be enough to feed the world for several months now its a few daysFood security depends on both production and distributionProductionrelated issues o Agricultural input costs are increasingenvironment o Effectiveness of inputs is decreasing o Environmental costs of outputs such as pollution are increasingo Soils are in decline
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