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Chapter 2

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Monika Havelka

Chapter 2 Reading notes Matter Energy and the Physical EnvironmentBasic intro of scienceMatter is mass space solid liquid gas it is all of the material in the universe Can be transformed from on substance to the other but cannot be destroyed Element fundamental type of matter chemical substance with a given set of properties that cannot be broken down into substances with other properties ex Oxygen carbonAtoms smallest component that maintain the chemical properties of an element Isotopes Atoms of the same element with differing numbers of neutrons are called isotopes Enable to date ancient materials reconstruct past climates and study the lifestyles of a prehistoric humansIons Electrically charged atoms or combinations of atomsMolecules Combination of 2 or more atomsCompound A molecule composed of atoms of 2 or more different elements Bond An atom combined chemically because of an attraction for anothers electronsSolution A mixture of 2 or more substances in liquidspH Scale Quantifies the acidity o
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