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Chapter 1

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Monika Havelka

Edward Burtynskyphotographer nature transformed through industry recycling yards quarries factoriesworld is suffering for our successdialogue between attraction and repulsionDependence on nature to provide materials for our consumption vs concern for the health of our planetan uneasy contradictionimages as reflecting pools of our timesOur island Earththese images had a huge impact on our perspectives on earth and the environmentEnvironment how can we start to define itBiotic living things animals plants forests soilsAbiotic nonliving things continents rocks oceans clouds icecapsOur built environment roads buildings dams factories etcSocial relationships and institutions governments universities religionsEnvironmental science pursuit of knowledge about the natural world how the natural worlds works how the natural resources and processes support life scientists try to remain objectiveEnvironmentalism A social movement dedicated to protecting the natural worldEnvironmental science is interdisciplinarySession 2 EnvironmentHow to define environmentlegal issues environment is a legal entityenvironmental policies and practices need to be defined by various organizationssociallyculturallyphilosophically How do we think about and relate to the environment Citizens can sue the government on environment issuesBill C38 The fisheries Act
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