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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 (Forensic Anthroplogy) Notes.docx

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Forensic Science
Wade Knaap

Chapter 3 Forensic AnthropologistForensic anthropology is concerned with identification and examination of human skeletal remains Skeletal bones are durable and undergo extremely slow breakdown process that lasts decades or centuriesAn examination of bones can reveal their sex approximate age race and skeletal injuryThorough documentation is required throughout the process of recovery and examination of human remains Sites where human remains are found must be treated as a crime sceneScene should be secured ASAP to prevent any further alteration of the sceneScene should then be searched to locate all bones if they are scattered or other aspects of evidence such as footwear impressions or discarded itemsCadavar Dogs Detect the odors caused by biological decompositionAll items found must be tagged photographed sketched and documented in notesOnce all bones and other evidence are found a scene sketch should be made to show the exact lo
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