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Chapter 3

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Forensic Science
Wade Knaap

Chapter 3 Notes Forensic EntomologyForensic entomology The study of insects and their relation to a criminal investigation Such practice is commonly used to estimate the time of death when the circumstances surrounding the crime are unknown Determination can be carried out by studying the stage of development of maggots or insects sequence of arrivalDetermining Time Of Death After decomposition begins necrophilious insects or insects that feed on dead tissue are first to infest the body usually within 24 hoursthe most common and important of these is the blowfly recognized by its green or blue colour Blowfly eggs are laid in human remains and ultimately hatch into maggots or fly larvae which consume human tissue and organsA single blowfly can lay thousands of eggs during its lifetimeThe resulting larvae gather and feed as a maggot mass on the decomposing remainsForensic Entomologists can approximate how long a body has been left exposed by examining the stage of development of the fly larvae This type of determination is best for a timeline of hours to approximately 1 mon
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