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University of Toronto Mississauga
Forensic Science
Wade Knaap

thOctober 8 2013Richard Wills Homicide InvestigationDetective Sean FitzgeraldthOn February 15 Linda Mariani was last seen in her residenceLinda Mariani and Richard Wills were to meet at his residence in Richmond HillthHer vehicle was located on February 19 and was taken to look for trace evidenceUV laser used and stain was identified on the car seatnd22 February at Richard Wills home to investigate Chemical luminal used and reaction happened in the front hall of his residence Luminal reacts with blood or protein from blood Home was very dirtyrd23 FebruaryRichard Wills car was searched nothing of significance in the vehicleth25 February Mariani residence neat sterile clean DNA obtained from shaving razorth7 June of 2002 Richard Wills in company of his lawyer attended 2 District HQ and turned himself in for murder of Linda Mariani Package was in the basement of Richard Wills r
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