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Erik Schneiderhan

Modernity’s Classical Age NOTES In Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams he states: • Dreams are distorted stories of what the dreamer really wishes or With this he tells the storey feels. of human blindness – denying deep feelings There are 2 truths to his claims: 1. People have mixed/strong feelings about the people around them 2. Hence – They distort what they say and think because the underlying thoughts are too upsetting Freud’s Claim in Modern Culture: On the surface there was a promise for a better world….a modern city that promised and offered something better. However there were underlying consequences --- 1. The modern world brought destruction (i.e. native civilizations were destroyed in the name of progress). Even presently, modern progress entails tearing down much of tradition Modernity is defined as: A culture in which people are promised a better life – one day. Until they are expected to tolerate contradicting lives. HOWEVER even though this was going on, nobody said anything, nobody had a voice because as Freud said people were living oedipal lives – they did not want to say the wrong thing. Other classical writers of modernity’s classical age: Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, Georg Simmel, Sigmu
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