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Notes from Reading # 2

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(Haiyan, H and Jasper, C. (2007) ‘A Qualitative Study of Mall Shopping Behaviors of Mature Consumers’, Journal of Shopping Center Research, 14, (1), pp. 17-38.)  malls are ignoring mature consumers and continually targeting teens, 20’s-30’s individuals.  For example, Shufeldt et al. (1998) identified five clusters based on the lifestyles of mature consumers, and examined the relationships between the lifestyle segments and the factors that influence the purchase of over-the- counter drugs. The five clusters are: “family- oriented”(characterized by enjoyment of time with families and friends), “young and secure” (active attendance in cultural/art events), “active retiree” (active participation in political campaigns), “self-reliant” (work on community and volunteer projects), and “quiet introvert” (shopping at malls and shopping at new different places)  mature individuals over 50 are the most wealthiest and are actively searching for ways to spend their money  value stores that have credit, discounts for those 65 and over, and liberal return policies, prefer chair/benches, prefer department stores  Some store attributes such as “senior citizen checkout,” “senior citizen discounts,” and “close/easy parking” have become important for elderly consumers to choose where to shop = enormous market opportunity Many mature shoppers believe:  • Convenience. malls provide convenience mainly because all of the stores in a mall are under one roof, which not only saves them time comparison shopping among stores but also reduces the total walking required, which can be a serious concern for mature consumers that have health conditions. • Choice. The responde
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