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Mark Reczkiewicz

Reading #2: Thapar, “Landscapes and Peoples” (pt.1) The reading assigned for this week is more detailed than last week but still contains a lot of background information. It starts with a section called Time and Space which talks about how astronomy is used to calculate different cycles and ages among other topics like cosmology. I didn’t understand this section very well nor did I understand the point. The next sections are about how the area is split up and the geographical features. These sections are connected to the lectures very much so. Much of the information discussed in lecture and most of the slides that were put up during class (Jan .14) are directly connected to this section. The reading just adds more detail to what we discussed in lecture. The continent is divided into 3 major regions: the Northern Mountains, the Indo-Gangetic Plain, and the Peninsula. Each area has its own key geographical features. For example the Northern Mountains has various mountain ranges like Sulaiman, Himalaya, and Kirthar Mountains. Furthermore, each geographical feature plays an important role in shaping the country, as discussed in class and in the reading (ex. The Khyber Pass). o The water from the rivers, one of the key geographical features of the Indo-Gangetic plain, can either be an amazing blessing by making the land extremely fertile or it can just as easily be dangerous by f
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