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University of Toronto Mississauga
Mark Reczkiewicz

Reading #3: Thapar, “Landscapes and Peoples” (pt.2) The reading this week, a continuation from last weeks, starts by discussing population. The main point is it that is has been hard to get a consensus on the figures in some cities and areas. It also briefly describes how/why populations grow. One criticism that I have was how short this section was. I commonly hear about population crises of the world and it seems to always come back to India and China. There’s also the perceived population threat (the Global North fearing population in the Global South, like India). The next part of the reading is about Categories of Societies and it goes into much detail about the very many ranges of societies that exist in the region. There are complex organizations and then there are relatively simple organizations, and of course everything in between. Most of the reading is about the different categories of people and their organization ( Hunter-gatherers, Pastoralists, Peasants, and Townsmen). It goes into a lot of detail about each one. So I decided to pick out one point that I liked, “The heterogeneity of urban life distinguished it from the villa
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