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Mark Reczkiewicz

Reading #9: The Women’s Movement in India: Action and Reflection The article is about women in India. It talks about how women who were being beaten by alcoholic husbands (Related to ‘The God of Small Things’ where if I remember correctly Ammu talked about being beaten by her alcoholic husband and thus she ran away) but they stood up to them and got liquor stores band (in one state). Women’s movements were not just for themselves, but often participated in all kinds of movements including land rights and peasant movements. One of the first issues that recognized that woman’s groups took at heart was the increasing violence against women and especially rape (As many know this can be related to current events with the rape case currently happening in India and as I have read from new articles). Movements and campaigns evolved from just targeting the state to raising awareness and creating a way to implement help and change by more than changing law. The backbone of modern day movements still primarily consists of the poor and the lower castes. This isn’t to say that urban and middle class women haven’t contributed because without a doubt they have and they even appear as the most visible part. This in turn has raised inexplicable questions about the woman’s movement. One of the most significant developments for wome
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