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Mark Reczkiewicz

Reading #11: The Greater Common Good The Sardar Sarovar Dam has drawn the nation’s attention to it. Many don’t know what it does or how it works but it still holds very passionate feelings and thoughts towards it. This because the government has made it about more than just the dam (which is already expected to displace many people). It has become about who owns the land, the rivers, and so on. Both sides think they are looking out for the greater good of India and spin things to look better their way. This returns to the point I made in the previous entry about how so called ‘experts’ are making decisions that are affecting vast communities but the results are hardly seen. To me it appears the same thing is happening here. The dams are being built with helping people in mind (and of course with other reasons) but it’s severely failing to take into account the perspective of the people living there. Essentially ignoring them and in the process ignoring what’s best for the entire community. The article continues on discussing points that have been mentioned throughout the course including globalization and its negative effects. The negative effects are clear; There have been an increasing number of floods,
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