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Mark Reczkiewicz

Reading #12: The End of Imagination Roy describes nuclear war by essentially describing doomsday and mutually assured destruction scenario’s. She talks about how the world is going to end and with ‘Imagination’ gives a description of what the end of the world will look like. Roy has clearly taken an “Ahimsa” view and is very much against nuclear weapons. I really like the way she goes through the theory of deterrence and breaks it down step by step. This essay isn’t based on emotion or just writing on opinion, she is writing in an organized structure that dissembles the theory. She identifies two primary flaws in the theory: 1. Those who are not deterred such as ‘the suicide bomber psyche’, 2. Deterrence is based on fear which is based on knowledge. These countries have dedicated so much to developing nuclear weapons that they have sacrificed education and thus knowledge, “Deterrence will not and cannot work given the levels of ignorance and illiteracy that hang over our two countries like dense, impenetrable veils”. Another interesting point Roy brings up is that all countries can feel justified to own nuclear weapons. Every country has borders, every country has beliefs, and every country has enemies.
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