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University of Toronto Mississauga
Pierre Desrochers

LECTURE 1 (SEPTEMBER 10): IS GEOGRAPHY (AND CLIMATE) DESTINY? PART I MANDATORY READINGS - Environmental determinism, historically considered Rodrigue, Christine M. 2002, "Four traditions of geography." "Environmental Determinism," Wikipedia Encyclopedia. Mises, Ludwig von. 1957. Theory and History, Chapter 15 ("Environmentalism"), pp. 324-326. DeGregori, Thomas R. 1998. "An Updated Adam Smith / David S. Landes studies economic inequity among nations (Review of The Wealth and Poverty of Nations: Why Some Are So Rich and Some So Poor, by David S. Landes. Norton, 1998)," Houston Chronicle, June 21. - Environmental determinism, recent debates and controversies Hausmann, Ricardo. 2001, "Prisoners of Geography," Foreign Policy 122 (January): 45 - 53. Pinkovskiy, Maxim, and Xavier Sala-i-Martin. 2010. "African Poverty is Falling... Much Faster than You Think." Vox (December 6). Plus detailed discussion of the syllabus and course requirements. Suggested readings LECTURE 2 (SEPTEMBER 17): OUT OF AFRICA Guest lecture by UTM Geography librarian Andrew Nicholson ([email protected]; 905-828-3886 ) on finding book reviews. MANDATORY READINGS Guns, Germs, and Steel Diamond, Prologue - (to, including Ch. 1) Ch. 2 Mega-Fauna Extinction Kuhl, Jackson. 2005. "Megafauna Murder Mystery." Tech Central Station, August 3. Amos Esty, 2005, "Investigating a Mega-Mystery." American Scientist Online, September-October. Human Origin
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