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Week 9 Curitaba City profile Macedo reading

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Gabrielle Sauter

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Curitaba City profileIntroduction Curitiba capital of the state of ParanaBrazil developed an international reputation during the 1990s as a model of urban ecology planning The city became internationally known at first for its initiatives in planning particularly its transit systemThese efforts earned it a reputation as an international archetype of urban development the ideal image of what a livable city should be Curitiba has been called a model of efficient city planning a shining example of environmentalfriendly urban development and a model of environmental planning as well as the worlds greenest city the best city in the world and the ecological capital of the world Curitiba is the seventh largest city in Brazil and indeed offers a better quality of life than most other cities in the country Its geographic proximity to Sao Paulo the third largest city in the world and themajor industrial center in Brazil has helped attract businesses which want to locate in the region but not endure the hardship of establishing their manufacturing plants or offices in Sao PauloHistorical Development After the first influx of European immigrants Curitiba became home to Asians and Arabs as well as Brazilians from other states Its location between Sao Paulo and the southern part of the country made it a mandatory stop for traveling ranchers and businessmen the black frost of 1975 which caused the displaced labor force to move en masse to urban areas Rural exodus caused a shift in the states population distribution rural population decreased from 64 of the states total in 1970 to 19 in 2000Today Curitiba has approximately 16 million inhabitants 17 of the states populationGeography and Spatial structure Demographics Curitiba has had the highest growth and urbanization rates in the country in the last 30 years The citys unprecedented growth is related not only to its history but also to a confluence of circumstances that stimulated its expansion The historic reasons are directly related to the development history of the state of ParanaIndustrialization caused the urban population of the state capital to double during the 1970s when Curitiba had the highest growth rate of all Brazilian capitals while the state of Parana had the lowest growth rate of all states Today Curitiba is the seventh largest city in Brazil with 16 million inhabitants while the state of Parana is the sixth largest state with 95 million inhabitantsEightyone percent of the states population lives in urban areas Curitiba contains 17 of the states total population and 20 of its urban populationEconomy Parana and other states located in the southern and southeastern regions of Brazil are among the most affluent in the nation the mean monthly income in the state of Parana is about twice the Brazilian average while Curitibas is almost four times the national average Curitibas success was also sparked by the convergence of certain events related to its marketing as a model cityThe image of a wellplanned urban area was the foundation of promotional campaigns to attract potential businesses
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