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Week 10 China's costly pollution problem

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Gabrielle Sauter

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China’s costly pollution problem -Chinese officials issued a general warning to foreign embassies, (but really aimed at the U.S.) to stop publishing reports about their country’s air quality -The warning — in reference to a U.S. embassy Twitter account that, since 2008, has posted hourly readings of pollution levels of Beijing — illustrated how sensitive the government is about the country’s pollution problem -And it's a problem that is becoming a growing concern among the public and considered a leading cause of civil unrest. The planned construction of industrial plants has sparked protests in some cities. Bowing to public pressure, officials shut down a planned copper plant for a southwestern China city on Wednesday after thousands protested the possible health impact from the facility. -environmental performance index: india came in last. China was number 128 for air quality. 116 overall environmental impact (out of 132) Leads in emissions -But China is still considered one of the biggest polluters in the world and leads in a number of categories including CO2, sulphur dioxide and mercury and arsenic emissions. -Part of the reason the Chinese government is so irked at the U.S. reporting pollution data is that their pollution standards are more stringent which means pollution levels considered unhealthy in the U.S. are often classified as good by China Soil Contamination concerns -China also has problems with soil contamination from arsenic
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