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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Amrita Daniere

Chapter 1 The power of representation. Why is the way the South is represented important? 4 Arguments 1. The way the South is represented in western media, academia , policy and elsewhere is a a exercise of power that has real life consequences for the everyday lives of those living in these “developing” countries. These misleading representations fix an idea of these places in our minds and shape the way we respond to them. • The medias representation of the South is limited and misleading. For example Chirstian Child Fund shows infomercials asking for donations from westerners to the south. Using 2 minute clips that depict the south as impoverished, needy and helpless without giving background of the prior events. Not only are audiences poorly informed but this can also lead to deicisions of aid and international policy. • The idea of development in academia portrays the sout
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