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Gabrielle Sauter

The Dilemma of Sustainability Sustainable development -Nobel peace prize to IPCC (intergovernmental panel of climate change) and Al Gore for building awareness on connection between human activities and climate change -extensive climate changes were likely to alter and threaten the living conditions of much of humankind, placing particularly heavy burdens on the world’s most vulnerable countries -UNDP said climate change is a proven scientific fact and we now know enough to recognize there are large risks, potentially catastrophic ones. -Sustainable development: dealing with the issue of global climate change, pollution, and biodiversity depletion and the such while simultaneously tackling global inequality and poverty and not letting the wheels come off the world economy. - the words we use to talk about development, and the way our arguments construct the world, are hugely significant. Justifying interventions and such -sustainability development really emerged after Earth Summit in Rio in 1992. -a lot of energy and talk came out if it -but after a little bit the excitement began to die down and everything was business as usual with very few changes -many say that the chance at a new energy world order was blown when changes where not made with the entire world ready for the change -nothing new really came out of the conference -Credit for the insertion of environmental concerns into developmental concerns in the closing decades of the twentieth century lies in the first instance with environmentalists from the industrialized north -increase in Globalization has brought greater environmental problems in the developing world -There was a self-conscious effort to move beyond environmental protection and transform conservation thinking by seizing ideas and concepts from the field of development -links were drawn between protecting the environment and the interests of indigenous people -the display of development agencies and environmental groups dancing to the same ‘sustainable devleopment’ tune in the 1990s was remarkable but not accidental 1. environmental concern expanded to address environmental problems at the global scale 2. enviornmentalists began to mount a successful critique of the performance of aid donors through the 1980s 3. development agencies adjusted to the ‘greening’ of western politics in the 1980s Sustainable development as a panacea (solution) -most common definition from the Brundtland report: “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” -has both facets of intrageneral equity (between rich and poor) and intergeneral equity (between present and future generations) -more slogan than theory -other def. including trying to get environmental concern to be part of the development -the UK has identified 4 priority actions: 1. sustained consumption and production (working towards achieving less with more) 2. natural resource protection and environmental enhancement (protecting the natural resources on which we depend on) 3. from local top global (building sustainable communities) 4. climate change and energy -business leaders also taking part in the green rhetoric. -green goods and green credentials emphasize the power of the market The discourse of development -often these terms are used by some to persuade them into going with a certain plan or policy -according to the standard ‘developmentalist’ the modern west is recreated across the globe by the process of development: industrialized, urbanized, democratic, and capitalist -Rostow outlined five stages of economic growth: Traditional society  preconditions for take off  take off  maturity  the age of mass consumption -clearly both of the last two points are politically aligned -formula to help reconstruct war ravaged Europe after WWII: rapid industrialization and improvem
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