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Chapter 2

GGR361H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: New Lanark, Icaria, City Beautiful Movement

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Week 4 Readings- GGR361
Chapter 2- Owen and Geddes
- 19th century idealist planners were in a post-industrial revolution era here expansion led
to inadequate housing, sewage disposal, and slums
- Led to proposals to create new urban environments
- Robert Owen proposed a cooperative community, example of New Lanark where the
structure emphasized recreation, education and blending in industry with study and
- He was a Utopian thinker, other Utopian thinkers include Charles Fournier who proposed
the Phalanstery, Godin and the Familistery, Cabet (Icaria), Benjamin Richardson and
John Buckingham
- Patrick Geddes trained as a Botanist and learned ecological principles
- Coined the term, “No plan before survey” and to know the town’s history economy,
social conditions, and means of transportation and communication
- Always thought of conservative surgery which meant to remove as few buildings as
possible and repair existing ones so that human disruption was minimized and the
physical fabric of the city was maintained
- He was the first regional planner
Chapter 3 City Beautiful, Garden Cities, Parks Movement
- City beautiful planner Burnham built many downtown building projects that connected
him with civic improvement
- Edward Bennett was one of the first urban designers
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