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Mairi Cowan

Killing the Black Body by Dorothy Roberts1989 pregnant women who smoked crackarrested policy implemented Poor black womenblamed for transmitting defective genes crack damage and deviant lifestyle for kids Controversial solution of Norplant forced contraception for them because theyre least capable of supporting children p 3social disparities stem from higher fertility rates of genetically less intelligent groups including blacks p3 Reproductive regulation via policymakers to keep women on welfare from having babiesadvanced by Newt Gingrichs Contract with America and used in the federal welfare law Deny benefits to children born in welfare and mandatory use of Norplant to get aidMedicaid support this too1970s keep black women steralized but white children boomingRacial injustice generally ignore reproductive rights Roberts book focuses on the history of restricting Black womens reproductive rightsLink between race and reproductive freedom in America slaveryeconomic stake to sterilization via racist birth control policies People think that reproductive rights was a white womans issueRoberts says that feminist focus on gender and identification of male dominance as the source for reproductive regression OVERLOOKS racism in shaping that choice women actually have Important because policies keep black women from having children and also reinforce that black women themselves are perpetuating racial inequality Roberts OBJECTIVE to explore how the denial of Black Womens reproductive freedom serves interest of white supremacy 3 themes in book1Regulation of black womens reproductive decisions central aspect of racial oppression in America 2 control of their reproduction has shaped meaning of reproductive libertydeny black women from controlling own bodies3Meaning ofreproductive liberty to see how it relates to racial oppression Reproductive freedom is a matter of social justice not indiv choiceBlack women enslaved when they produce childrenused as slaves too
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