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Malavika Kasturi

Nov 14 The Rise of Communal Politics 18901928 1 Communal Politics in Late 19th Century IndiaCommunal ideology perceives Indian society as constituted of a number of religious communities and the identity of Indian polities in terms of such religious communities Politics is seen as the interaction of religious communities and political allegiance relates to the same identityneed elaboration 1A Imagined Religious Communities in South Asias Pasty Past cannot be reduced to history of HinduMuslim communities y Subcontinents history religion one of many factors y StrifeConflict within and between all religions After the war of 1857 the British used the divide 1B the Rise of Communal Politics from the 1890s and rule policy in an attempt to drive a difference between majority Hindus and minority Muslims through caste religion and race As a result of it various religious reform movements came into existence to rationalize religionssociety Arya Samaj was one of the Hindu reform movement founded by Swami Dayananda in 1875 The purpose of this movement was to reform the Hindu society by practising Vedas and the ideals of brahmacharya chastity Political mobilization using religiony Socioreligious reformers extremistsy After the partition of Bengal B G Tilak under his leadership started a movement of extremists They believed in Swaraj self rule autonomy Home Rule to complete independence and Political Extremism Passive resistance boycott violence Emphasis on physical culture masculinitie Hindumotifs songs festivalssectarian sentiment They did not articulate a coherent social program for the less privileged while their enunciation of patriotismnationalism was seen as exclusionary and communal Cow Protection Riots 18923 Arya Samaj y Associated cow with nation Targeted Muslim butchers Participants upwardly mobiley The Cow protection movement was the movement that demanded end of cow slaughter in British India The movement gained support from Arya Samaj and its founding father Swami Dayananda Saraswati which led to the establishment of cow protection societies in various regions of India starting at 1882An issue was the Muslim slaughter of meatcow for their religious festivalIn 1893 Muslims Butchers were targeted and immediately after an order from a British magistrate asked Muslims who wanted to sacrifice to register violence broke out in India
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