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University of Toronto Mississauga
Kevin P.Coleman

Gramsci Excerpt Online Response Word Count: 465 1/12/2013 The excerpt from Selections from Prison Notebooks: The Intellectuals by Antonio Gramsci divulges into many different themes and ideas of his. The overall focus is on “intellectuals” and toward the end on how they contribute to hegemony. Gramsci’s understanding of hegemony is “that the state maintains its dominance (and that of social and economic elites) thanks to the consent of those it dominates. Where it does not win consent, this theory suggests, the state resorts to coercion” (From Beasley-Murray’s “Posthegemony: Political Theory and Latin America” published in 2011). It starts by discussing the two forms of intellectuals: Organic intellectuals and Traditional Intellectuals.. The main focus appears to be on the latter of the two. Gramsci states that the traditional intellectuals are the Intellectuals that already exist and continue to exist throughout history. The focus of the excerpt becomes about who is an intellectual and who isn’t. Gramsci interestingly states that all men are actually intellectuals but that everyone performs an intellectual task to society. The argument is thus not who is an intellectual (since he states we all are) but who performs intellectual function in society.. Gramsci gives a great example to explain what he means by all men are intellectuals but not all contribute intellectual functions to society, “everyone at some time fries a couple of eggs or sews up a tear in a jacket, we do not necessarily say that everyone is a coo
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