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University of Toronto Mississauga
Kevin P.Coleman

Cultural Studies and its Theoretical legacies by Stuart Hall takes an autobiographical and retrospective approach to discussing the tension between theoretical work and actual practice. First it is important to realize, as Stuart Hall and Beasley-Murray have made clear, that cultural studies is extremely open ended. It can be interpreted in different ways, there are different methodologies, and so on. That said, it can’t just be anything. It has to have something “at stake”. Hall then goes on to try to prove that cultural studies has a stake in actual practice even though through the tension caused with the theoretical work and actual practice. He starts this attempt to prove this by deconstructing the British cultural studies and how it became Marxist in its practice. Although Hall makes it clear that he comes from the New Left side of cultural studies, and he mentions how the New Left is against the Marxist side, he remains objective and addresses both sides of the argument. Hall questions the Marxist approach for its Eurocentrism. Hall’s search for answers brought him to Gramsci. The search for answers about Marxism and also the search for proof on what cultural studies tries to do was most closely discussed, though not answered, by
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