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Kevin P.Coleman

Online Response #4: Cohen and Arato In Civil Society and Political Theory, Jean Cohen and Andrew Arato set out to create a framework (at least) for a more complete theory on civil society that is adapted to today. Citing the reason behind such a goal to be that the current models is not sufficiently complex and remains clouded. Cohen and Arato set out through the preface offering a basic guide to why the new framework for the theory is necessary. Additionally providing the principles and the explanations that will guide the framework for the theory. One such explain for how they will develop their new framework (and those who build on it) for civil society is that it will have to be separated from the economy and state (and more. They go into more detail about the separation later as I will point out below). If left unseperated it would not be a “critical”, but if properly separated than the theory that they will propose will allow it to be the center of critical political and social theory. Under more specific circumstances the theory would lose it critical potential if after a successful transition from dictatorship to democracy the undifferentiated version would include “society vs the state”. They build on this by providing three guidelines. Firstly, Not is it only important to separate civil society from economy but it is im
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