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Kevin P.Coleman

The State of Exception as a Paradigm Government by Giorgio Agamben discusses Carl Schmitt’s theory on the state of exception and the sovereign that determine it. It continues into discussing the political law and juridical problems that arise. From my understanding the state of exception is allowed in times of political crisis but if we don’t define specifically when these times of political crisis are then there may be issues of its use. Thus there is an importance to make such a definition in order to prevent loose usage of the state of exception. And again based on my understanding, since the state of exception suspends law it’s stuck in a “paradoxical” position of being between “public law” and “political fact”. As stated earlier it would be important to identify and be more specific with the definition involved and that is thus the goal of this study and in its later chapters. One of the reasons why the state of exception is so difficult to define is how closely it is related to civil war, insurrection and resistance (essentially just opposing the current rule). Agamben uses an example involving Hitler and how he declared the Decree for the Protection of the People and S
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