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University of Toronto Mississauga
Kevin P.Coleman

Gilles Deleuze writes “Postscript on the Societies of Control” in the L’Autre journal in 1990. He begins by reviewing the work of some famous authors; primarily Foucault’s work. Focaults model succeeded in showing something termed “societies of sovereignty” which is about how ruling people has changed. This is not all that changing, societal structures are also continuously changing. The disciplinary societies of prisons, armed forces, and hospitals were said to be currently in the process of being replaced what are termed “societies of control”. In Deleuze’s next section, Logic, he defines some terms for us that seem to be pretty important. Firstly common language is termed as analogical. “A system of variable geometry” is termed as numerical. I would have assumed this was solely about numbers but he makes the distinction that this isn't just about binary numbers. The enclosures (I assume the hospitals and armed forces that he mentioned previously) are molds and the forces that control these molds are a modulation that is constantly changing. In Logic, Deleuze focuses on the disciplinary societies and how they differ from societies of control. He talks about juridical differences of apparent acquittal (disciplinary societies) and limitless postponements (societies of control). How disciplinary societies use watchwords while societies of control use a password (I don’
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