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Kevin P.Coleman

HIS330 Reading #2 Hegemony CH. 2 -cultural studies is a diverse and often contentious exercise, encompassing different positions and trajectories in specific contexts, addressing many questions, drawing nourishment from multiple roots, and shaping itself within different institutions and locations -cultural studies defined by its mutability (ability to change and this is a good thing) -cultural studies are contextualized -cultural studies concern with hegemony resonates powerfully in Latin America context where politics and culture have long been obviously intertwined. On the other hand, Latin America thought has also been preoccupied with issues less prominent with cultural studies, above all the question of national or regional identity. Moreover, most Latin American intellectuals explicitly repudiate populism. -Cultural studies mimic the work of hegemony -cultural studies and hegemony theory have an emphasis on their shared populism -perhaps the most successful populist movement: Peronism (dominated Argentine political and cultural life) -Peronism came about after social demonstrations freed Peron from prison and led him to become president. -Peronism is the very picture of hegemony. Its long lasting ability to secure popular consent contrasts starkly with the coercion employed by Argentina’s various military regimes. -Peron’s exile allowed for peronism to grow and take many shapes with many people laying claim to the cause and thus contributing to its hegemony. -when he returned from exile Peronism began to fade once more as conflicts arose between the left and the right of Peronism which during his exile both claimed to be a part of the movement. The return of Peron mean the movement
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