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Getting to Yes
Should I negotiate even with terrorists or someone like Hitler? When does it make sense
not to negotiate?
Even with someone like Hitler or Stalin, we should negotiate if the negotiation holds the
promise of achieving an outcome that, all things considered, meets our interests better
than our BATNA.
war = the violence is intended to change the other side’s BATNA, or their perception of
it, so that they will more readily agree to our terms for peace.
A key point worth repeating is that negotiating does not require compromising your prin-
ciples. More often success is achieved by finding a solution that is arguably consistent
with each side’s principles.
Whether it makes sense to negotiate and how much effort to put into it depends on how
satisfactory you find your BATNA and how likely you think it is that negotiation will pro-
duce better results.
if the BATNA is awful, you should be willing to invest a little more time--even where ne-
gotiation looks unpromising--to test whether something more satisfactory might be
worked out.
when there is the likelihood of a future long-term relationship with the other party, nego-
tiators are less likely to endorse EANTs.
empirical evidence that negotiators with more power will use EANTs (bluffing) more
than their counterparts with less power
when the negotiator know there is power imbalance, they will be more open and pro-
vide information
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