Detailed Textbook Notes Chapter 6

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6 Jan 2011

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Chapter 6: International Security after Cold War
Introduction: The Changing Nature of International Security
Realists most important challenge has been military threat posed by other states,
although revolutionary movements, secessionist movements, & terrorist groups have
also been long regarded as threats to state security
Environmental degradation, cultural influences, modernization, economic integration,
& migration of peoples may be interpreted as threats to well –being or even survival of
Several issues occupy attention of most international security scholars & analysts:
Origins & causes of conflict in international system
National security
Group Security
Nuclear weapons safety & nuclear weapons proliferation
Chemical & biological weapons proliferation
Spread of conventional weapons
Global criminal activity
Human security
Regional security studies
Environmental security
Theorizing About Origins of War
Early psychologists suggested that humans inherently aggressive & war is
therefore inevitable; Behavioural sociologists suggest that aggressive & violent
behaviour is NOT INNATE but LEARNED
State or group level analysis suggests that some states or groups are more prone to war
than others
Today, states or groups with authoritarian internal structures more warlike because
leaders of such states are isolated from will of their peoples & lack any checks or
controls on their exercise of power
System level of analysis finds origins of war in nature of international politics itself
Principal source of war is anarchy (absence of central authority) & distribution of
Realists war inevitable due to lack of trust & primacy of self-interest in anarchic
international system
Liberals war as a reflection of weak global governance mechanisms & existence of
authoritarian governments
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