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Bridget Jankowski

LIN200–Chapter1Notes 1.1 What Is Grammar? - Term grammar used to refer to the system we follow, whether consciously/ unconsciously in creating well-formed phrases and sentences - Well-formed within a particular language variety; e.g. Sentences well-formed in spoken English may not be in written English or even in another language 1.2 Why Study Grammar? 1. A knowledge of grammar can help with some aspects of writing 2. Teachers who work with student writers need a conscious awareness of sentence structure 3. To develop the vocabulary and concepts needed to talk about language 4. Grammar is worth studying because it is interesting 1.3 The Purpose of This Text - Linguists distinguish between prescriptive and descriptive grammars - Prescriptive grammar tells people how they should speak or write - Descriptive grammar describes the language that we actually use - The primary approach of the text will be descriptive grammar 1.4 The Organization of Language - All human languages are based on meaningful units called words o Learned over the course of a lifetime through hearing or reading them in context - Complex words can be broken down int
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