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Chapter 13

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Gill Parveen

Ch13 Operations and Supply Chain Management Operations management is all about the ability of a company to control andor improve its business processesSuccessful organizations understand the interconnectivity of strategy business structure and operations and seek to ensure that all three are integrated into the decisionmaking process and that structure and operations are aligned and in support of the organizations strategic intent When we visualize the interconnectivity of these 3 business system components we should concludeo Strategy is what we want to accomplish o The business structure should provide the controls and the formal communication and responsibility framework that will guide the organization as it seeks to realize its strategy o Operations are understood to be the actual processes employed when combined with the utilization of the organizations capital assets enable strategic outcomes to be actualized Successful businesses look to establish within their business systems competitive advantages that enable them to deliver their products andor services to their targeted market segments in a manner superior to that of the competition Responsibilities of Operations ManagersOperations Management is the effective design development and management of the processes procedures and practices embedded within an organizations business system for the purpose of achieving its strategic intent Intent of the operations management team is to design and develop such processes procedures and practices in a way that takes into consideration time requirements associated with getting productsservices to the market o Process management o Supply chain management o Productservice managementProcess management is the design and development of the work flow and connectivity of the transformation requirements processes needed to ensure that an organizations products and services are efficiently produced and effectively delivered to the marketplace Process management looks at the specific tasks that need to be accomplished by the organization and orders or sequences them to result in the most effective and efficient work flowSupply chain management the management of the interdependencies among suppliers manufacturers and distributors it seeks to develop the terms and conditions that will enable all parties to efficiently and effectively meet their obligations to one another due to their business relationshipsall about relationship management ProductService Management refers to the variety of activities that commence with the design and development of potential new products in RD and extend to the postpurchase support of productsservices now in the hands of customersincludes supporting product modifications enhancements and other changes made throughout the products life cycle
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