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Chapter 9

MGM101 Chapter 9

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Dave Swanston

MGM101- chapter 9- Human resource management human resource management (HRM): The process of determining human resource needs and then recruiting, selecting, developing, motivating, evaluating, compensating, and scheduling employees to achieve organizational goals. One reason why human resource management is receiving increased attention is the major shift from traditional manufacturing industries to service and high-tech manufacturing industries that require highly technical job skills. This shift means that many workers must be retrained for new, more challenging jobs. Job analysis: A study of what is done by employees who hold various job titles. Job description: A summary of the objectives of a job, the type of work to be done, the responsibilities and duties, the working conditions, and the relationship of the job to other functions. Job specifications: A written summary of the minimum qualifications required of workers to do a particular job. All management, including human resource management, begins with planning. Five steps are involved in the human resources planning process: 1. Preparing a human resources inventory of the organization’s employees. This inventory should include ages, names, education (e.g., languages spoken), capabilities, training, specialized skills, and other information pertinent to the specific organization. Such information reveals whether the labour force is technically up to date, thoroughly trained, and so forth. 2. Preparing a job analysis. A job analysis is a study of what is done by employees who hold various job titles. Such analyses are necessary to recruit and train employees with the necessary skills to do the job. 3. Assessing future human resources demand. Because technology changes rapidly, training programs must be started long before the need is apparent. Human resources managers who are proactive—that is, who anticipate the organization’s requirements identified in the forecasting process—ensure that trained people are available when needed. 4.Assessing future human resources supply. The labour force is constantly shifting: getting older, becoming more technically oriented, attracting more women, and so forth. There are likely to be increased shortages of some workers in the future (e.g., computer and robotic repair workers) and an oversupply of others (e.g., assembly line workers). 5. Establishing a strategic plan. The plan must address recruitment, selection, training and development, evaluation, compensation, scheduling, and career management for the labour force. Recruitment: The set of activities used to obtain a sufficient number of the right people at the right time. Recruiting has become very difficult, for several reasons: •Some organizations have policies that demand promotions from within, operate under union contracts, or offer low wages, which makes recruiting and keeping employees difficult or subject to outside influence and restrictions. •There are legal guidelines that surround hiring practices. •The emphasis on corporate culture, teamwork, and participative management makes it important to hire people who not only are skilled but also fit in with the culture and leadership style of the organization •Sometimes people with the necessary skills are not available; in this case, workers must be hired and then trained internally Selection: The process of gathering information and deciding who should be hired, under legal guidelines, for the best interests of the individual and the organization. A typical selection process
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