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MGM101 Lecture 1 - Lecture and Book notes

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dave Swanston

Lecture 1 September-13-13 11:22 AM Article - Politicians, porter's management, etc. are involved - This is about increasing capacity, services,routes schedule, makes them more competitive,the cost structure, revenue structure, canadian economyeffects, environmentaleffects - A lot of stake holders - Business people wants moreservice with less cost - More work for people at the airport, less traffic - This decision has a ripple effect - If you're a manager at porter, whose interest do you pay attention to? Management - how it affects success of business - Stay in current with news and how it affects business - Link readings with real world - These make you an effective manager Google - privacy issues ○ They are now being sued The price of oil is dropping - US is gonna attack Syria ○ Resources have to change Canadian dollar is doing well because China is doing well - more spending/ selling Postmediato sell properties in BC and Alberta to cut costs, reduce debt These stories have direct/ indirect impact of business We are always reassessing changes Make a habit of monitoringcurrent events Today's Agenda - Announcements - Introduction - Course outline - Intro to management Today's student (Wiley Webinar) Likes Structure Technology B/W Answers Doing it their way To succeed To know Dislikes Ambiguity Speaking or writing Reflecting Being told what to do To fail To learn Understan
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