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Types of Managers October 3, 2013 2:24 PM Three types of managers : • General Managers: ○ Managers at the highest level of an organization ○ Responsible for the overall performance of an organization OR one of the self- contained units of an organization ○ Formulates strategy that spans businesses ex. (deciding when to enter or whether to exit a certain business area) ○ Decides how the company should be organized into different divisions ○ Signs or vetoes strategic initiatives by heads of divisions ( functional managers) ○ Monitors performance of divisions and decides what incentives to give to heads of departments ○ Manages relationship with the owners - shareholders ○ In most cases, sits in the board meetings and reports to the BOD ○ Develops human capital of the enterprise ○ Titles : CEO ( the principal general manager) . CFO, COO,CTO (business level - general manager) ○ References : Look at page 8 - 9 for an example of the responsibilities of CEO • Business level general managers: ○ Reports directly to the CEO ○ Lead their respective divisions ○ Motivating, influencing, and directing subordinates ○ Responsible for the divisional performance ○ Translate the strategic vision for the company into strategies and plans for their units - VIP ○ Develop and implement strategies to increase performance of their respective divisions ○ Organize operations within divisions and coordinate functions so that the strategy can be successfully implemented ○ Lastly, they are also responsible for controlling activity, measuring performance and developing human capital • Functional Managers: ○ Below the position of the general manager ○ Responsible for running a particular function of an organization OR a subunit within a function ○ They are responsible for a department handling a specific job such as : (accounting, marketing, sales, R&D, production, information technology or logistics, etc.) ○ Lead functions ○ Develop strategies and plans to fulfill objectives set by corporate and business level general managers ○ Provide information to the general managers to formulate realistic and attainable strategies ○ Execute corporate and business level strategies ○ Develops human capital • Frontline Managers: ○ Lowest level of management within an organization ○ Responsible for managingemployees who are not themselves managers ○ Deal with employees as well as customers ○ Crucial to maintaining performance of an organization Illustration of the managerial hierarchy CH 1 - Managementand the EnvironmentPage 3
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