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Chapter 2

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Dave Swanston

Chapter 2 Readings Scientific Management Theory: systematic study of relationship between people and tasks for purpose of redesigning the work process to increase efficiency • Frederick Taylor known for this technique (scientific management techniques should be used to determine efficient division of labour instead of guessing) • Many problems with this – as brought many employeees more hardship than gian and left them with distrust of managers who did not seem to care about well being of workers  the Gilbreths refined Taylor’s theory Job Specializati: process by which division of labour occurs as different employees specialize in different tasks over time – increases efficiency and leads to higher organizational performance • Creator Adam Smith  specializatio creates higher efficiency and production Administrative Management: study of how to create organizational structure that leads to high efficiency and effectiveness Bureaucracy: formal system of organization and administration desgined to ensure efficiency and effectiveness Authority: power to hold people accountable for their actions and to make decisions concerning use of organizational resources Rules: formal written instructions that specify actions to be taken under different circumstances to achive specific goals Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): specific sets of written instructions about how to perform certain aspect of task Norms: unwritten rules and informal codes of conduct that prescribe now people should act in particular situations Behaviourial Management: study of how manag
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