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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 Notes – Human Resource Management - Human Resource Management; process of determining human resource needs and then recruiting, selecting, developing, motivating, evaluating, compensating, and scheduling employees to achieve organizational goals - To create people advantage o Understand external environment o Understand internal environment o Select most critical HR topics and set priorities o Initiate projects with teams o Secure support from top management Human Resources Planning Process - Preparing human resources inventory of organization’s employees o Include age, name, education, training, skills - Preparing Job Analysis o Job Analysis; study of what is done by employees who hold various job titles o Necessary to recruit and train employees with necessary skills to do the job o Job Description; summary of objectives of a job, type of work to be done, responsibilities and duties, working conditions, and other functions  Statements about the job o Job Specification; written summary of minimum qualifications required of workers  Statements about the person who does the job - Assessing future HR demands o Ensure people are available when needed - Assessing future HR supply - Establishing strategic plan o Address recruitment, selection, training, and development o Must have upper management support - Recruitment; set of activities used to obtain sufficient number of right people at right time Selection - Selection; process of gathering info and deciding who should be hired, under legal guidelines, for best interests of individual and organization o Extremely expensive process - Process involves 5 steps o Obtaining complete application forms o Conducting interviews o Giving employment tests o Confirming background information o Establishing trial periods Contingent Workers - Contingent workers; workers who do not have regular, full-time employment o Anyone that works less than 30 hours a week Training and Developing Employees - Training and Developing; all attempts to improve productivity by increasing employees ability
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