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9th Lecture - Effective Leadership

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dave Swanston

Chapter 10Effective Leadership page 234255 Lecture 9Leadership is one of the central functions of management What often distinguishes great managers from merely good ones is that great managers excel in leadership particularly under adverse conditions Leadership the process of motivating influencing and directing others in the organization to work productively in pursuit of organization goals Great managers are able to work through other people to achieve remarkable transformations in the performance of an organization Managing and LeadingIt has become fashionable to draw a sharp distinction between leaders and managers Whereas managers are concerned with doing things right leaders are seen as focusing on vision mission and goals whereas managers focus on efficiency and effectiveness Managers are seen as preservers of the status quo leaders see themselves as promoters of change and challengers of the status quo North American organizations are overmanaged and underled Management is about coping with complexity Leadership by contrast is about coping with change Important as they are to the efficient functioning of organizations managers are somehow lesser mortals than leadersThese comparisons between managers and leaders are misleading The reason is simple All managers are also leaders and they must perform the leadership function effectively to excel at the other management functionsstrategizing planning organizing controlling and developing employees Management and leadership are not two different tasks that require different skills they are the same thing To be effective whatever their position in the organization hierarchy managers must lead organization How important is good leadership to the performance of an a change in CEOs should explain some of the subsequent variance in enterprise profitability with good leaders boosting performance A widely quoted classic study found that CEO succession explained aboutof a companys profit 152margin variance after one year and 317 of the variance after three years What Makes an Effective LeaderEffective leadership means the ability of a leader to get high performance from his or her subordinates In the case of a CEO or general manager of a selfcontained product division effective leadership should translate into sustained high performance for the entire company or division Five different perspectives on leadership have emerged over the years each of which teaches us something about the nature of effective leadership see Figure 101One perspective the powerinfluence approach attempts to explain leadership effectiveness in terms of the amount of power possessed by a leader the type of power possessed and how that power is used to influence others within the organization Another perspective called the trait or competency perspectivetraits andhas tried to identify the competencies of effective leaders A third approach the behavior perspective asserts that certain behaviors are related to leadership effectiveness The contingency perspective argues that the appropriate behaviors for a leader to adopt depend on contextand that what works in some situationswill not in others
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