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nickels ch 8

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James Appleyard

Lecture 2 ManagementLeadership Nickels Ch 8Friday September 10 2010105 AMResourceshuman resources natural resources and financial resourcesManagers supposed toGuideTrainSupportMotivateCoach4 functions of managementPlanningSetting goalsDeveloping strategies to reach those goalsDetermining resources neededSetting precise standardsOrganizingAllocating resources assigning tasks and establishing procedures for accomplishing goalsPreparing a structure org chart showing lines of authority responsibilityRecruiting selecting training and developing employeesPlacing employees where they will be most effectiveLeadingGuiding and motivating employees to work effectively to accomplish org goals and objectivesGiving assignmentsExplaining routinesClarifying policiesProviding feedback on performanceControllingMeasuring results against corp governanceMonitoring performance relative to standardsRewarding outstanding performanceTaking corrective action when necessaryPLANNING CREATING A VISION BASED ON VALUESSetting org vision values goals objectivesVisionexplanation of why org exists and where its trying to headGives sense of purposeValuesfundamental beliefs that guide a business in the decisions they makeGuide strategic planning Vision informs values while values come alive through visionMission statementoutline of fundamental purposes of orgOrgs self conceptCompany philosophy and goalsLong term survivalCustomer needsSocial respNature of companys products or serviceGoalsbroad longterm accomplishments an org wishes to attainMutually agreed on by workers and mgmTeam processObjectivesspecific short term statements detailing how to achieve the orgs goalsSWOT analysisa planning tool used to analyze an orgs strengths weaknesses opportunities andMGM101 Page 1
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