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Lecture 2 ManagementLeadership Sch Ch 121st centurynew workplace where everyone must adapt to a rapidly changing environment with constantly shifting demands and opportunitiesRequired learning and speedEconomyglobal and driven by innovation and technologyNew customer expectations changes many business concepts success personal etcBest employers value peopleSupportive work environments that allow peoples talents to be fully utilized while providing them with both valued rewards and respect for worklife balance EmployeeshappyFlexible work schedulesOnsite child careHealth and fitness centresDomestic partner benefitsOpportunities for profit sharing cash bonuses and competitive salariesSuccessbeating competitors by utilizing employees abilities to their highest valueWORKING IN THE NEW ECONOMYNew economy challenging opportunities and dramatic uncertaintyknowledge basedPerformance drivenEthics and social responsibilitiesInnovativenessEmployee developmentTraditional measures of profitability and investment valueNetworked economy in which ppl institutions and nations are more and more dependent on the internet and continuing developments in ITCareersFlexibilityFree agencySkills portfolioEntrepreneurshipCareer destinyinitiative discipline and continuous learningINTELLECTUAL CAPITALAsset to an organization from employeesGiftsTalentsAbilitiesInvest in developing people investing in futureSuccessmeeting goals in a good wayExceptionalreaching your potentialWhat people know learn and what they do with that knowledge are the ultimate foundations of organizational performanceThey represent intellectual capitalIntellectual capitalcollective brainpower or shared knowledge of a workforce that can be used to create valueCombine talentsKnowledge workersomeone whose mind is a critical asset to employers and who adds to the intellectual capital of the organizationSuccess for workerspersonal competency and accomplishment MGM101 Page 1
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