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nickels ch 10

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James Appleyard

Lecture 5 Producing WorldClass Goods and Services Nickels Ch 10Monday September 20 20101101 PMResearch and DevelopmentResearch and development RDwork directed toward the innovation introduction and improvement of products and processesCANADAS EVOLVING MANUFACTURING AND SERVICES BASECanadians emphasized the following to regain competitive edgeFocusing on customersMaintaining close customer relationships with suppliers and other compaines to satsify customer needsPractising continuous improvementFocusing on qualitySaving on costs through site selectionRelying on the internet to unite companiesAdopting production techniques such as enterprise resource planning computerintegrated manufacturing flexible manufacturing and lean manufacturingFrom Production to Operations ManagementProductionthe creation of finished goods and services using the factors of production land labour capital entrepreneurship and knowledgeCanadaservice economyLegal medical entertainment broadcasting accounting finance management consultingProduction managementall of the activities that managers do to help their firms create goodsManufacturing to servicesproduction to operations production of both goods and servicesOperations managementspecialized area in management that converts or transform resources including human resources into goods and servicesInventory mgmQuality controlProduction schedulingFollow up servicesAutomobile plant operations management transforms raw materials human resources parts supplies paints tools and other resources into automobilesProcess of fabrication and assemblyIn school operations mgm takes inputs info professors supplies buildings offices and computer systems and creates services that transform students into educated ppl process educationManufacturers Turn to a Customer Orientation and Services for ProfitGeneral Electric and Dell expanded operations mgm out of the factory and moved it closer to the customer providing services such as custom manufacturing fast delivery credit installation and repairCorporate computingPurchasing hardware small amountTech supportAdministrationMaintenanceIBM shifted from selling comp hardware to becoming a major supplierOperations mgm much more focused on servicesOPERATIONS MANAGEMENT PLANNINGIssues in service and manufacturing sectors MGM101 Page 1
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