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Chapter 1

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Dave Swanston

Lecture Notes Chapter 1 - Introduction to Management in a Changing Environment • “Managers are responsible for making decisions under conditions of uncertainty about the allocation of scarce resources towards achieving the organization’s strategic objectives.” • Role is becoming more complex due to the changing environment – Manager’s role is evolving with broader expectations • Accomplish this using Case Method:  Step 1: Read case at least two times – Once for an overview and the second for detail. Be sure to review any exhibits that are part of the case. Highlight and connect points to course material  Step 2: Define the problem(s) – This is often one of the most difficult parts of the analysis. Be sure to address the underlying problem and not just the symptoms presented. Also consider secondary / related problems.  Step 3: Identify any constraints, specific requirements or limitations that may impact the analysis or your recommendations. This should be drawn from information provided in the case. Be sure to consider the time period that the case occurs.  Step 4: Perform analysis – What do you know? What do you need to know? Remember to answer the “so what” question. The format of your analysis should be appropriate and add value for the r
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