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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dave Swanston

Case = written description of a situation faced by manager  involve a decision to be made, problem to be solved or an issue to be settled • Common frustrations o Lack of good info, shortage of time to make decision, uncertainty, lack of opportunity to reduce uncertainty @ reasonable cost • Depend on two way interaction (must listen and participate) Individual: to challenge and regard case 1. Define problem 2. Sort relevant from irrelevant info 3. Separate fact from opinion 4. Interpret and analyze info 5. Come to reasoned decision and course of action 6. Communicate your thoughts clearly and persuasively to others during class discussions Group: to challenge and regard case 1. Come to group meeting with knowledge of assigned readings and analysis of case 2. Participate actively in discussion 3. Not necessary to have group leader  all members responsible for making own decision based on what is said and own analysis 4. Responsible for own notes and recognize good ideas 5. Consensus not necessary 6. Work at clarifying individual disagreements after small group discussions 7. Set time limit for discussion (30 min = enough) Evaluate Performace 1. Identify, prioritize and deal w/ issues and problems 2. Judge quality
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