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Chapter 2

Ch.2 Managing innovation and change.pdf

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dave Swanston

Ch2 Managing innovation and changeFebruary05141255 PMParadigm shiftsParadigm shift occurs when a new technology or business model comes along that dramatically alters the nature of demand and competitionNatural limits to technologyRichard foster formalized the technology ScurveMore improvements in the fist 50 years of the commercial aerospace business than the second 50 yearsImprovements will slow down eventuallySo business will seek for alternative technologiesFosters second point Replacement tech VS established techThe contenders for the replacement tech are not as effective as the established tech in producing the attributes and features consumers demand in a productEx horsecarts established tech VS automobiles replacement techThe replacement technology may not have better functionality automobiles had more drawbacksAutomobile was at the very start of its Scurve Horse and cart was at the end of its ScurveElectric cars was another shift in automotive technologyPerhaps oilgasbased cars are at the edge of a major paradigm shiftThe successor technology is initially less efficient than the established technologyMGM102 Page 1
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