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Chapter 8

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dave Swanston

Ch8 Organizational CultureApril1714539 AMWhat is Organizational CultureDells culture adjustmentThe dotcom boom leaded a downturn of Dell IncHelped realizing that there was a heavy focus on financial performanceRevealed the fact that employees were not loyal to the company when the company has come to significant stock price problemwould leave for a similar job position elsewhereWorkers were not collaborative with colleaguesDidnt want to follow the steps of Enron a bankrupt company that had heavy values on stock value and which leaded to commitment of illegal accounting practicesOrganizational Culturethe values and assumptions shared within an organization SHARED VALUESValues are stable evaluative beliefs that guide our preferences for outcomes or courses of action in variety of situationsTell us what we ought to doa moral compass Example o f values security and traditionsVSexcitement and challenge Shared valuesare values that people within the organization or work unit hav in common and place near the top of their hierarchy of valuesDell Inc high priority on winningthey value performance and achievement Mangers needto distinguish the use they are referring toEspousedvaluesmeans values we want others to believe we abide by to create a positive public image Enacted values meansvalues that actually guide our decisions and actions SHARED ASSUMPTIONSthe deepestelement of organizational culture The assumptions are taken for granted have been done before correctly and no one really thinks about or questions them Its not always beneficial to have strong assumptionsDell Inc had strong focus on companys stock price which lead to significant issuesMost difficult to change Air Canada employees had no shared values employees were unresponsive to MGM102 Page 1
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