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Derek Pugh and the Aston Group including John Child and David HicksonPugh believed that the scope of empirical investigation and of understanding could be widened by multidsicplinary research founded on a common commitment to and ownership of results within the research team and on team management skillsMany researchers usually known as the Aston GroupAston Program contributed to organization theory by blending some of the research methods and ssumptions of psychology with conceptions of organizations and their working from sociology and economicsits approach has 3 essential elements1 because organizations and their members are changing and complex numbers of their attributes should be studied together as matters of degree not as eitheror phenomena A multivariate approach to a changing world of greys rather than blacks and whites This also implies that there will be no single reason for the way in which an organization I set up and run but many possible influences multivariate causal explanationswhat happens cannot be due to an organizations size alone nor for that matter to its technology alone but must in some degree be due to a number of these and other factors all acting together2because organizations outlast the comings and goings of individuals it is appropriate to study their nonpersonal or institutional aspectsusing information on their divisions of work their control systems and their formal hierarchiesfor this individuals can be interviewed as informants who describe these aspects rather than being asked to indicate how thye experience the organization personally3 because organizations are working wholes they and their members should be se
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