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EH Scheinproposed theComplex model which maintain that earlier theoires are based on conceptions which are too simplified and generalized Human needs fall into many categories and vary according to the persons stage of personal development and life situation So motives will vary from one person to another one situation to another one time to another Incentives can also vary in their impact money for example though usually satisfying basic economic needs can also serve to satisfy selfactualization needs for some What motivates millionaries to gon to thmake their second or 5 million Employees are also capable of learning new motives through organizational experiences and can respond to different kinds of managerial strategiesmost important implication for manager is that they need to be good diagnosticiansthey should be flexible enough to vary their own behavior in realtion to the need to treat particular subordinates in particular sitatiins in an appropriate wayaccording to Schein the key factor which determines the motivation of individuals in organizations is the psychologival contractthis is the unwritten set of expectation operating at all times between every member of an organization and those who represent the organization to that memberit includes economicing components ex Pay working hours job security but also more implicit concerns such as being treated with dignity obtaining some degree of work autonomy having opprotunities to learn and developthe organization too has implicit expectation that employees will be loyal will keep trade secrets will do their best on behalf of the organization and so on the career development perspective taken by Schein identifies the continual matching process between the individual and the organization as the key to understanding both human resource planning for the organization and career planning for the individualThis mat
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